Furniture Pack

We can arrange for your flat to be furnished according to your choice. In Turkey tens of thousands of quality products are available at reasonable prices. The prices vary according to type, quality and number of choices. We can either send you the catalogues of the well known furniture companies or you may choose from the online websites.
We do not charge any extra fees for this service other than the cost of the furniture you select.

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Household Appliances

Don't bother with market searching for your white goods. We can buy and install them for you. Standard package includes:

Washing Maschine:Bosch

€ 2,200


The sun provides a wonderful source to produce your own electricity. In coastal areas it is a commonly utilized source of hot water and electricity in Turkey. Belek has a great potential for sun-power generation. We offer a standard package of 7kW photovoltaic system which will be sufficient for an average house or two in share. System consists of panels, inverter/charger and regulator. Do something to help impede global warming, opt for solar power!

€ 5,900


IDEA-1 apartment is designed to work with industry-leading Amana® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs). These are not the old-fashioned and ugly split type air conditioning systems, but well designed units.

Price per unit:
€ 950

As we mentioned before the IDEA houses are furnished with structured wiring system which allows easy adaptation of any kind of automation system. You can control your house's electrical appliances through internet or program them automatically to close the shutters, turn the air-conditioning on according to the program you have set. Possibilities are endless and the prices change according to your preferences. Let us build a house of the future for you.

Prices start from as low as:
€ 1000
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The new regulations which are now in place make it very easy for foreigners to buy a property in Turkey. Furthermore, thanks to the new mortgage law enacted in 2007, it is also possible for foreign purchasers to benefit from the low rate mortgages provided by the local banks, which may cover up to the 75% of the property’s value. Please read carefully the Buying Guide and learn what kind of tax and duties might concern you.

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Belek, located 30km east of Antalya, is a true paradise on earth. In recent years the area has become the number one tourism and golf centre of the Antalya region. It is also likely to become one of the most popular golf centres in Europe.

The range of sports facilities is not limited to the golf courses. Windsurfing, rafting, climbing, hunting and many kinds of water sports are available in Belek. Another extremely attractive feature of the region is its climate, which makes it possible in March and April to ski in the mountains and enjoy a swim in the sea on the same day.

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Belek has world-class golf clubs, with 9, 18 and 27 holes courses which are designed by famous golf course designers of Europe. These clubs not only offer a good playground for players of every level but also present a stunning view of pine forests and the Mediterranean coast. The coastal blues merge with the green of the forest in perfect harmony. 300 days of annual sunshine and the mild climate of the region give players a chance to play in tranquillity throughout the year.

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One of the golf courses in Belek