Why invest in IDEA Apartments?

If you have already read our document on buying property in Turkey you are probably aware of the potentials of the maturing real estate market in Turkey. And if you have ever been in Belek, Antalya you must have already seen why the interest in this particular place is so high. Here we will not repeat all the advantages of investing in the property market in Turkey or buying an apartment in Belek, we will give some basic information on why investing in IDEA Apartments might earn you more than any other choice.

First of all, the plot, on which our unique design development is located, has hotel permission. Yes that's right; you can register it as a hotel. Needless to say that this adds so much to the property's value. The ongoing project of the properties are registered as "residential property", but if an investor buys the whole complex of 6 flats prior to the completion he/she has a chance to register it as a hotel after completing some simple paperwork and fulfilling legal duties. And then it all depends on your management skills. Either run it as a boutique hotel, rent it to golfers as apart-flats or hire to your friends as vacation homes. Turn your investment into a proud enterprise in Turkey!

However, you may still buy the apartments individually and want to use it as a vacation home or a second home after retiring or keep it as your property investment in Turkey. Either you plan to buy the whole complex and register it as a hotel or buy a single flat for your individual use here are some facts why IDEA apartments will be a good choice.

  • The building has superior insulation, which means you will have to spend very little for heating and cooling. Don't forget that Antalya can be very hot in peak summer days and although the climate is mild you will need some heating in winter. Good insulation will be a great saver.
  • All properties have aluminum double glazed windows. When compared to the PVC windows, which is widely used in the area (indeed almost in every building other than IDEA apartments) these windows are durable, aesthetic, anti-toxic and maintenance free. Please keep in mind that you will have to replace those PVC windows in 5-10 years, especially in such a hot climate. You may already know that even the PVC producers do not guarantee the durability of their windows for more than 10 years, whereas aluminum windows will last even more than the life span of the building itself.
  • The location couldn't be better. It is very near to the town center, just a few minutes of walk, yet in a quiet place. It is a corner plot facing to the golf courses and the biggest green park of Belek.
  • Turkey is an earthquake country. The IDEA apartments have a special design concrete shell structure which all of the outer structure including the non load-bearing walls are made out of concrete. The special self-compacting concrete used has values even more than the legal requirements. Look at our construction images to learn more about the stages of the process.
  • Future has come. Smart home technologies might be new for you, but it will definitely be the standard of an average home in the near future. IDEA apartments have smart-home ready technologies. All flats have structured wiring infrastructure which all cables originate from a central hub. What does this mean? This means that you can easily adapt any smart-home technology you want. The possibilities are endless. Remote controlling of many electrical equipments while you are away from home, automated processes like shutting the windows, curtains etc. and much more. You may even get your coffee prepared by the help of your mobile phone when you are on the way to your home after an enjoying golf session under the warm winter sun. It sounds nice, isn't it?
  • The lovely design! What can be said for the wonderful architecture of these flats? Concrete washed in white, blue frames with sun shades is like a modern version of classic Mediterranean style. Natural stone floorings and wood decking near the swimming pool outstands with its quality. All flats are different in plan and size.

If all of these sound valuable for you then you may want to choose the right flat for you by visiting our plans section. Compare us with others, but please remind that you might be paying the same price without having all features listed above.

* If you are an investor who plans to buy the whole complex of 6 flats (that makes a total of € 650.000) please contact us to learn the special discount we offer.

The new regulations which are now in place make it very easy for foreigners to buy a property in Turkey. Furthermore, thanks to the new mortgage law enacted in 2007, it is also possible for foreign purchasers to benefit from the low rate mortgages provided by the local banks, which may cover up to the 75% of the property’s value. Please read carefully the Buying Guide and learn what kind of tax and duties might concern you.

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Belek, located 30km east of Antalya, is a true paradise on earth. In recent years the area has become the number one tourism and golf centre of the Antalya region. It is also likely to become one of the most popular golf centres in Europe.

The range of sports facilities is not limited to the golf courses. Windsurfing, rafting, climbing, hunting and many kinds of water sports are available in Belek. Another extremely attractive feature of the region is its climate, which makes it possible in March and April to ski in the mountains and enjoy a swim in the sea on the same day.

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Belek has world-class golf clubs, with 9, 18 and 27 holes courses which are designed by famous golf course designers of Europe. These clubs not only offer a good playground for players of every level but also present a stunning view of pine forests and the Mediterranean coast. The coastal blues merge with the green of the forest in perfect harmony. 300 days of annual sunshine and the mild climate of the region give players a chance to play in tranquillity throughout the year.

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One of the golf courses in Belek